About Us


Passion, integrity and a love of people are the qualities that inspired Richard A. Hoover to create Hoover Financial Group. Since 1983 Hoover Financial Group has been a leader among local insurance & financial firms. Richard's son Darrick joined the team in 2004 that brought together a unique group with a variety of specialties in the insurance and financial services industry. Outstanding client service and personal relationships are at the core of HFG's philosophy of financial strategies, where, “it’s not about us, it’s about you.”

Richard is highly qualified, with over thirty years of experience his focus is on closely held business owners as well as individuals in the areas of estate planning, business continuation, retirement planning and the senior market.

“Our clients are always growing,” Hoover said. “The partnership with my son Darrick enables us to keep pace with our clients’ growing needs through a much broader circle of services.

Darrick entered HFG with a strong educational background in finance and economics. Darrick brought a new twist into the firm with his strengths in wealth accumulation strategies, asset allocation and retirement planning. As a fee based adviser, his focus is with physicians across Kansas and the bordering states.  Whether it is working with a physician with their personal financial needs or their entire medical practice, Darrick has the knowledge, experience and resources to help.  Darrick has a conviction and passion to be a resource for physicians, a market that he believes is too often taken advantage of. Darrick says, "That people do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. Physicians dedicate their lives to their profession, which often times causes them to get a late start in their planning.  This makes their planning crucial.  It needs to be holistic and revisited periodically to ensure it is meeting their goals and objectives, both short and long term.  Just like our physical health, our financial health takes time, effort, dedication and commitment." Just like seeing your primary care provider for your yearly checkup, Darrick urges his clients to do the same with their financial and legal professionals.  "Find a professional who specializes working with people in your profession and don't wait until you're "financially ill" to go see them."   


Being a leader in the insurance and financial services industry means continually striving for improvement. To keep pace with clients' needs, Hoover Financial Group has access to new products, enhanced product features, expanded quality service, and pioneered new technologies. Breaking new ground is part of our tradition.

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